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Professor Roger Méndez Badias

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Location: Zamora, Spain

Area: 1780 m


The project includes the rehabilitation of a pre-existing building of laboratories of the Ministry of Housing built in 1977 by the architect Antonio Fernández Alba and its expansion to house the program of a civic center in the city of Zamora.

The ambit is defined by Cardenal Cisneros Avenue and Juan Sebastián Elcano and Corbeta streets. This new civic center aims to establish a meeting and relationship space in the urban fabric of the La Candelaria neighborhood. The Junta de Castilla y León proposes the construction of a civic center and a public space on a plot with two disused buildings: the quality control laboratory in the building and a building for garages and warehouses.

The project will resolve the integration into the urban fabric by formalizing the accesses and defining the urbanization and the species of trees that will be part of the proposal, intensifying the relationship of the building with the main urban spaces such as the Parque de León Felipe or the Parque de los Tres Trees.

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