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Intervention in the archaeological complex



Professor Roger Méndez Badias

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Location: Rabaçal, Portugal

Area: 1520 m


In order to safeguard the great heritage wealth of the archaeological site of the Villa Romana do Rabaçal in Portugal, the municipality of Penela proposes the protection of the archaeological site and the museumization and exhibition of the mosaics of this important vestige of the Roman legacy in the Iberian peninsula . The patrimonial and cultural interest of the site contrasts with the provisional nature of the archaeological protection and the proposed program includes the construction of a cover, the musealization of the mosaics and of the findings in a museum and a study center for archaeologists.

The project contemplates the protection of the Roman archaeological remains of the Pars urban and the Balneum, the musealization of the Roman archaeological remains and their exhibition in the archaeological site. The qualification of the accesses and the treatment of the scale of the building in this environment are aspects to consider in preparing the project.

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