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Vibe Cast  |  ETSAB - UPC    

Barcelona, Spain     JAN 21

"Vibe Cast" invites the audience of Llum BCN 2020 to interact with this vertical installation, by the ETSAB-UPC, which casts the presence of the public into vibrant shadows on the public space, via a game of reflections.

EMAV Can Batlló  |  Josep M. Julià i Capdevila  (JAAS ARCHITECTS)

Barcelona, Spain     OCT 20

Built in 1878 on the plots of Can Mangala, the Can Batlló compound shares a long history of growth and transformation with Barcelona. The city’s industrial heyday saw the complex expand and new buildings rise. Over time, however, these fell into disuse, culminating in a recent community-led initiative to repurpose the largely abandoned structures. This project, which develops the programme for a media school in the compound´s 7th nave, is the cornerstone of a larger effort to open Can Batlló to the Gran Vía and the greater public.